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Friday, 14 October 2011

Vermaelen saga begins

Vermaelen - 10 days away? I'll believe it when I see it

The most predictable thing to come out of Arsene Wenger's press conference today was the news that Thomas Vermaelen's return from injury has been delayed. I'll deal with the actual team news for Sunderland in tomorrow's preview piece. I want to focus on TV5 today, and what might well turn out to be another long and drawn out piece of nonsense.
I hope I can be forgiven for getting a sense of deja-vu about Vermaelen's injury. It was about this time last year that we were told he would be back in a fortnight. We would keep hearing it for over a month until it was finally revealed that the Belgian had a serious achilles injury that would require surgery. Quite how it took so long for Arsenal's ridiculously highly-paid medical staff to work that one out I will never know. These are the same people, you will recall, who had Jack Wilshere in a "boot" for more than a month before realising he had a stress-fracture that needed to be operated on. We were originally expecting the Verminator back after the internationals, but Arsene told us a fortnight ago that he would be one week longer. Today we are told he is "at least 10 days away." You couldn't make this up.
It seems obvious to me that Thomas is probably going to be absent for some time to come. I dearly hope to be proved wrong but, if recent precedent is anything to go by, we won't be seeing Thomas until after Christmas. Whatever the injury is it can't be denied that Arsenal's medical team has once again failed to treat it properly. How else can you explain the consistent inaccurate estimates given whenever an Arsenal player gets injured? It might have become a bit of an "in joke" when we hear a player is "two weeks away" when we know that they won't be back for months, but it has also become more than a little frustrating. Of course, if a player is injured they can not play, and that is not necessarily the fault of the medical men, but if those medical professionals say someone is out for a short time, and that subsequently becomes a long time, then surely it indicates that the problem has been inaccurately diagnosed.
Sadly, I doubt this is the last time we'll be getting an update on the return of Thomas Vermaelen. It is another serious kick in the teeth as Vermaelen is so important. I know we lost to Liverpool earlier in the season, but Vermaelen's performance was among the best centre-half displays you could ever wish to see. As well as his own quality defending he was also able to talk Carl Jenkinson and Ignasi Miquel through the match - it is no coincidence that Jenkinson looked so out of his depth at Old Trafford a week or two later in the absence of Thomas alongside him. Arsenal need TV5 back, and we need him back soon.

There will be a full preview piece for the Sunderland game at some point tomorrow.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This article is totally unnecessary and disingenuous.
    As Mr Wenger pointed said some weeks back "It is the job of media to talk and create stories, the only problem is when you talk too much, you dont always make sense".

    Vermaelen underwent a corrective surgery and in such cases even if rehab is set for a specific period, commonsense dictates that you assess it from day to day. You use the gym to try and rebuild your muscles and improve your conditioning, it's after all these have been achieved satisfactorily that the player returns, not when he has stopped feeling pains nor when his surgery wounds have healed. If Vermaelen was rushed back and got injured again, you negative and paranoid lot will again blame the medical Staff, Wenger and everything Arsenal...as if you guys have achieved more in your personal lives. This spell of negativity and scape-goateeism has to stop. Constructive criticism is one thing, deliberately maligning others is another.

    Also that vermaelen won't return (as you mentioned albeit contradictorily) is not news,as Wenger already said so. A week later or 10 days, the difference is too insignificant to warrant the kind of alarm you are raising. both dates agree on one thing- TV wont be rushed back. Simple!

    There is a lot to write about surely. That we have a clean bill of health from the recent internationals should be more ideal at this time on a so-called arsenal blog (Thank God it's your opinion). Also writing about the imminent return of old experienced boy Diaby and how and if he can contribute would suffice...
    The media and critics have infected some of us fans with their acute negativity so much we never see positives but only complain about those who are giving their best to turn things around even if they are not perfect. who is?!

  3. I do not get my views from the media and the critics. I go to watch Arsenal, and have done for nearly 30 years. Perhaps if people like you got out of Wenger's arse for five minutes you might see the bullshit he spouts and how it now infuriates the majority of Arsenal supporters (that's those of us who pay to watch the team, by the way).
    You have also missed the point - we are given a timsecale for a return, which then ends up being put back by months because the injury has been mis-diagnosed and/or treated incorrectly. That is down to the medical team at Arsenal. If you can't see that was the point then there is little point arguing about it.

  4. Boring blogger. A reader disagrees and you spout out the 'I go to games you don't so your view is invalid.' Will have to filter this nonsense on newsnow.

  5. Medfly - perhaps you could point out where I've said such a thing. The point being made is that I was accused by the previous contributor of getting my opinions on Arsenal FC from critics and the media. I was pointing out that I form my own opinions on Arsenal because I happen to go and watch the team play.
    If you want to "filter this nonsense" then go ahead, I don't think I'll be losing too much sleep.
    As it happens I do believe that the opinions of those who pay their money to watch their team have more merit than those who watch on Sky. If you don't like that, fine. But as the title of the blog says - It's MY Arsenal Opinion.