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Monday, 18 July 2011

One in, one out - can we have some more please?

Finally, but no fanfare

It's been a morning of announcements over at arsenal.com with the confirmation (at last) of Gervinho's arrival and Denilson's departure. I remember back in 2001 when we had a Summer of numerous arrivals there was great excitement when we added a new face. Now, with the general apathy of a number of fans towards the business of the Club, and the inability of Arsenal to get things done without a protracted debate, there is little joy surrounding the signing of our new Ivorian forward. It's unfortunate for the player himself, as it was for Carl Jenkinson, as joining Arsenal should be a massive moment. When it's met with such a lukewarm reception from the fans I imagine a certain gloss is removed.
As I mentioned above we are also seeing the end of Denilson's Arsenal career. The Brazilian is heading back to his homeland on loan for a year. Arsenal's inability to find anyone willing to pay for someone we no longer need at the Club is something that should worry the powers that be. Denilson has not been without appearances for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League, so not finding anyone to buy him perhaps tells us that Arsene persevered with him for far too long.

With these announcements we at least see that things might be starting to move. With both Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis out in the far-east last week we were never likely to see any signings over the past ten days. Now they are back there is no excuse for any more prevarication. The areas of the team that need to be addressed are obvious, so let's see Wenger get down to business and make some signings this week. At the same time we need to get some deals concluded for more of the dead-wood - lest we forget that Almunia and Bendtner are still around, as well as Eboue and Rosicky and Diaby. There is no game until Saturday, so there is no excuse for business not to be done. And, while I'm here, I don't count signing an unknown Costa Rican, who needs to be loaned out as he won't get a work permit, as part of the business I'm talking about.

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