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Friday, 26 August 2011

We're going to miss out on what we need at this rate

Apparently he is now wearing an Arsenal wrist-watch

After the euphoria of Wednesday evening (it didn't really matter who we got drawn against yesterday as long as we were in the hat) Arsenal have quickly found a way of destroying all the enthusiasm among the faithful. We have over £100m burning a serious hole in the pockets of all concerned and yet we are in the business of making insulting offers for players we so obviously need. 
When I read this morning that we had bid £6m for Gary Cahill, and been told where to go, I took it with a large pinch of salt. I gave up lending any credence to the newspaper gossip about three or four years back. However, Owen Coyle has confirmed that Arsenal made a "derisory" offer for the big centre-back. Arsene Wenger has since come out and denied the bid was as low as has been reported but we can be pretty certain it didn't get near to £10m. We all know that Bolton have said he can be sold for £18m. I would suggest that any buying club would get him for not more than £16m as there is only one season left on his contract. Why the hell are we still f***ing about with piddling sums of money? We have five days to sign players. We could have had Cahill in the side for Sunday. Let's be honest here, you have to question why it is now August 26th and we are just now making a bid. This should have been sorted before the end of May, never mind August. We claim to be a big club, yet we behave like some third division no-marks. It doesn't matter what Arsene Wenger values the player at as it's up to the selling club to set the asking-price. I also have to call in to question the role of Ivan Gazidis in all of this. I have no time for David Dein whatsoever, but I can't imagine he would have allowed Arsenal to be embarrassed by making such insulting bids for a current England international. I can imagine that he would have told Wenger there was no way he would waste his time on such nonsense. I think we are paying the price for employing a man with little understanding of the way football works in the real World, rather than in the artificial MLS. Last year we paid the best part of £4m for Squillaci, and yet we make such a disgraceful offer for Gary Cahill. If it wasn't so bloody serious you might find it funny.
To top it all off today we now hear that Tottenham are in talks for Scott Parker. Here we are with no midfield players, and yet our local rivals are going to nip in and sign the Footballer of the Year for a pittance. I defy anybody to tell me that Scott Parker would not be a more effective player in Arsenal's midfield than Alex Song. I am absolutely f***ing fuming at the very thought of this. Every pundit is saying he is just what we need (even if you ignore twats like Robbie Savage you can listen to intelligent people like Martin Keown) and yet we are going to miss out on him.
We have paid a 6% ticket price increase this Summer. We have seen our Captain sold for at least £10m less than his value. We have seen Samir Nasri sold (albeit for very good money in the circumstances). And yet we have no reinforcements. There has been no World-Class player brought in to the Club. There is nothing to be excited about, nothing to get the supporters on-side with the Manager. The Club know that the REAL supporters will always be here because it's OUR Club. But how long will the "tourists" hang around for? How many JCL's are going to pay top-dollar to see the likes of Abou Diaby and Marouane Chamakh poncing about on the pitch in a red and white shirt? The way business has been conducted is nothing short of Mickey Mouse, though considerably less entertaining than Walt's finest creation.


  1. Someone throwing the toys out of the pram??
    Its probably fair what you're saying but things don't always work out the way you want.
    Relax. Every tom dick and harry in football said we needed a new keeper. Does Szcescny not look the real deal now?
    Bolton should not have gone public, told arsenal privately the asking price and then we wouldn't have any this nonsense.

  2. No, but we still wouldn't have signed anyone, would we?
    We've had over 3 months to get the business done and we have done fuck all. It's embarrassing.
    Arsenal will not finish anywhere near the top four (which is their minimum requirement) unless serious spending is done. It's a fucking disgrace.

  3. I agree. should have been done 3 months ago. I know the club is all about keeping things quiet but a bit of transparency wouldn't hurt.
    We're kind of in limbo all summer about whats going on.
    Cahill bid should have happened earlier.
    Anyway i think we will get him. He wants to come, bolton don't want to risk losing him, i think they'll settle for 14m or 15m.
    If spurs or chelsea were to get him now then i will be furious