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Monday, 15 August 2011

Thanks Cesc

Kissing us all goodbye - the legendary Cesc Fabregas

I'm reading some of the most ridiculous nonsense on certain internet messageboards and forums discussing why Cesc Fabregas does not qualify as a legend of Arsenal Football Club. I've been an annoyed and upset by Fabregas' failure to put his Spanish mates back in their box the past couple of years, and his lack of leadership as Captain of Arsenal (that's about personality rather than ability), but his sheer quality makes him legendary in my eyes. When my children are older I will be talking to them about this guy and how great a footballer he was. There appears to be a school of thought that, because Arsenal only won a single major trophy in his time that he can't be a legend - so what about Liam Brady, if that's the criteria you're going to apply? It's a non-argument to me.

There is another argument doing the rounds that Fabregas is merely the shining light in a poor team. Again this is utter nonsense and is just a new found way of being bitter towards Cesc. Again, if that's the criteria you'd have to ask why is Joe Baker a legend of the Club? The answer of course is that he was a World Class player who was remarkably good when he played for Arsenal, despite the failings of those around him.
When I think of the greatest players I've seen at Arsenal, and try to put them in to a "fantasy" team Fabregas is there alongside Patrick Vieira in midfield. I feel that's a measure of how good he is.I will remember Cesc Fabregas as one of the finest footballers I have ever seen, anywhere. I am privileged to have watched him play for Arsenal. What has happened this past eighteen months has soured my admiration for him as he could, and should, have stamped out the nonsense from Barcelona and their players - we all knew he would leave eventually, but it should have been done in a professional and respectful way. 
The most amazing thing to consider with Fabregas is that he is still only 24 years of age. Fitness permitting (and that remains a big "if" given his hamstring issues) his best years still lie ahead of him. It is annoying that Barcelona will be the beneficiaries of those peak years, but that's football - we got the best of Henry and Bergkamp and Vieira etc. 
Time will heal the wounds of the recent past and we will all remember the great football he played for us. I thank Cesc Fabregas for the pleasure he gave to us at Arsenal. I remember the night he made his debut, and the night he scored his first goal, and the night he scored his first Premier League goal, and the night he scored his first Champions League goal - I was there at each of them. I feel privileged to have seen him develop. I was also there at the Champions League Final when the substitution of him, for Flamini, left a gaping hole in an already stretched midfield - had Fabregas not been taken off we might well have held on. It's such a shame he was injured for the Carling Cup Final last season - how different might it have been were he available?
Good luck Cesc, we won't forget you - a legend of Arsenal Football Club.

It's a sad day...


  1. He isnt a legend. Say what you want. A legend will respect his contract, as a captain, think about the club and its success and not about himself or being selfish, a legend will kiss the badge and mean it and not having another allegiance to a boyish club to the extent that he has to short changed us simply because he wont be sold to other suitor.

  2. Fabregas was never anything other than open about wanting to go to Barcelona - as any Arsenal fan would be about coming to us (Carl Jenkinson is a prime example).
    Arsenal have short-changed themselves by not offering him to Man City, thereby setting a fee that Barcelona would have had to match in order to buy him. They knew he would leave this Summer and failed to make good business decisions again.
    It is naive to think that contracts mean anything - they are now simply used to ensure a transfer fee, hence the fact that most are now of at least 5 years duration.

  3. I would call him a good player for the club.Nothing more.I am really annoyed by his silence over the last 2 years,expecially after kissing the badge and extending his contract.He came back from an injury and has since not looked like he cared a damn about playing for us. Im fed up of this hype around a single player that we seem to have lost direction and authority as a club. We should have just put him on the open market-city or anyone else would have paid us what we wanted for him. Sorry he never was a leader and a lot of blame for this development also fall at the feet of AW.pathetic player management by gazidis and wenger

  4. Indian Gooner - so you agree with everything I've said apart from the fact that he was a GREAT player? At least I think that's what you're saying.

  5. yes i do agree with most of what u said.but i feel AW and IG have to own up for this debacle.if we were winning things would cesc's head have been turned easily? i dont think so.AW has constantly refused to strengthen when needed and this has ended up in players like cesc and nasri moving away.

  6. I feel privileged that Cesc has played for my club and agree that he is a legend. The time was right to sell though, he fell out of love with Arsenal and has gone before we fell out of love with him. I am also glad that on leaving he has shown his appreciation for Wenger's tutorship over the years. I just hope that in Cesc, Wenger learns an important lesson before history repeats itself. In Wiltshire we have a player that can be as good, if not better than Cesc. Wilshire has almost everything, although like Cesc at the same age he needs to add goals; and he will. Also like Cesc, he will eventually grow tired of his manager not investing in those few key players that make the difference between champions and also rans!