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Friday, 3 September 2010

Pass to Theo you mugs!

I wanted to wait before posting today so that I could comment on the England game. I wish I hadn't bothered. I only watched the match because it had some Arsenal involvement in the shape of Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs (who was an unused sub.) It is fair to say that Theo Walcott had a quiet match by recent standards, but then if no sod gives him the ball it's a bit difficult for the boy to exert any influence. It is easy to lose count of the number of times an England player looks to the right and then ignores Walcott before passing the ball in the opposite direction. Then there is the Wayne Rooney method of passing to him - a 70 yard smash over the boys head, straight in to touch, followed by an evil scouse scowl aimed at our Theo. Even more noticeable was a change in this attitude as soon as Theo was taken off. Every time the opportunity was there for someone to pass to Adam Johnson, he duly got the ball. Perhaps it's because Walcott doesn't fit in with the other arrogant, out of control prima donnas that form the England team. Maybe, as Theo Walcott is not a hard-drinking, chain smoking, cheating, wife-beater, they don't want him to look good at any point, just in case he steals their headlines. If I was Theo I'd tell them where they could stick their England team as they're all a bunch of arseholes.
It's not just the players either. Clive Tyldesley (without doubt THE worst football commentator in history) was just waiting for any excuse to try and stick the knife in to Theo. And then there is Andy Townsend. Walcott's last action was to try and lay a goal on a plate for Jermaine Defoe. Townsend's reaction? "I don't think Theo Walcott knew what he was trying to do there." Insight there from the "expert." What is he doing commentating on England anyway? I thought he was supposed to be Irish! But then I was never absolutely sure that Maidstone was part of the Irish Free State.
I was amazed at the England line-up tonight including, as it did, most of the clowns that embarrassed their Nation against Germany in the Summer. So much for the brave new world, and moving towards the future. These mugs weren't good enough in South Africa, so why will they be good enough now, or in 2012? After all, most of those players are not young, and are moving past their best - and this was without Terry and Lampard.
England ended up with a 4-0 win including a Defoe hat-trick. What does it mean? Naff-all. Tyldesley told the public that the "other major nations" (quite why he believes the England team fit in to this category following the World Cup is anybody's guess) would see this in their morning newspaper tomorrow and be worried. Keep dreaming Clive.
As we are in the middle of an international break, and Arsenal news is thin on the ground, there will be a little less blogging over the next few days. Also, I am working tomorrow, and playing cricket on Sunday, so time becomes short. There will be more on Monday.

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