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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wellington is here, Bosnian Spahic wants to play for Arsenal, Lansbury to Hull?

The reserves won 3-0 at Borehamwood last night in a match that was embarrassingly one-sided, according to reports. The goals came from Mark Randall (who scored from 50 yards!) Benik Afobe and an own-goal. The story of the evening though was that Wellington Silva made his Arsenal debut, following special dispensation from the Home Office. Arsenal signed the Brazilian quite some time ago and he is set to join the first-team from January. Arsene Wenger, Pat Rice and Ivan Gazidis were all in attendance to see his first match and I suspect that a video of the game may be used to try and persuade the Home Office to allow him to join up straight away (the new Visa requirements make this more difficult than it was a few years ago). The match reports tell us that Wellington, who came on at half-time, was the star of the show, with his dazzling footwork and ball control. If you haven't seen anything of this guy then go to youtube and find the goal he scored at Old Trafford in a youth tournament. Also on show last night was a Japanse trialist - Ryo Miyaichi (I hope I've spelt is correctly) - who stands around 6ft tall and plays wide-left. Those present say he bears an uncanny resemblance, in the way he plays, to Cristiano Ronaldo - the young Japanese is only 17 years old. He was, it appears, seriously impressive, but youngguns blog reveals that he is now off to Ajax for a trial there. We'll wait and see what developments occur over the next couple of weeks with both Wellington and Miyaichi.

The 29 year-old captain of Bosnia, Emir Spahic, claims he is close to joining Arsenal. His club manager, at Montpellier, says he is not. This potential signing is not filling me with excitement, even though the guy plays at centre-half. Surely Wenger must realise that we would be better signing proven talent, that could play at Premier League level, rather than some journeyman we've never heard of? I suspect this guy is no Tony Adams. With Werder Bremen "claiming" Mertesacker is going nowhere our options appear more limited, but what's wrong with going to Bolton and offering £15m for Gary Cahill? After next week, when he has played for England, the price will go up. Again, it's watch this space, though the Spahic signing would have all the hallmarks of a Wenger move in the transfer market.

Arseblogger today reveals that Jay Simpson may be signing for Hull City for £1.2m. Good business for Arsenal, and good business for a lad who never got his chance at Arsenal, despite the poor form of others in front of him. I hope Simpson does well in his future career.

Also, possibly, Hull-bound (again from Arseblog) is Henri Lansbury. I don't mind getting Hull's money for transferring players, but I draw the line at helping them out with a loan signing. Let's not forget the things Hull City had to say about Arsenal after the FA Cup quarter-final last year - the whole Club was complicit in the character assassination of, and lies told about, Cesc Fabregas. They should get no favours from Arsenal, or Arsene Wenger. I will be very disappointed if Lansbury gets loaned to them. Also, if he is to show he is Premier League quality, I would rather loan him to a Premier League club, as with Wilshere last season. Lansbury had a season (and he did very well) with Watford, so the next logical step is to play in the Premier League, even if it's not yet with Arsenal.

Members Day is upon us tomorrow. I'll be watching online, assuming I'm not still sleeping-off another night-shift.

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