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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Silence is golden in the Fabregas household, next weeks pointless internationals

Fabregas: Cat got your tongue?
At the weekend Arsene Wenger called on our Captain to "come out" on his return to Arsenal. I'm fairly confident Wenger wasn't forcing Cesc's hand in revealing him to be gay, so we can assume he meant he must make a statement on his future - basically, "ask for a transfer, or commit yourself". Well today Fabregas did come out - he came out of the tunnel to rapturous applause, ran up and down the touchline for twenty minutes, and disappeared again without uttering a word about his intentions. The failure of Cesc to make some sort of statement shows a lack of respect for the Arsenal fans who so adore him. The little Spaniard is one of my favourite players of all time, one of the very best footballers Arsenal have had - to think he is so young is frightening. So why does he choose to treat us like this? Why are we treated with such contempt? Over the course of the Summer I have come to lose respect for Cesc more and more, as you will have guessed from my posts on here. I believe that Fabregas and his advisers have used every means possible, particularly the Barcelona players in the Spain squad, to try and orchestrate a move away from Arsenal. They clearly feel that by doing this, but saying nothing themselves, Cesc will never be seen as some sort of turncoat. They must think we are stupid. It's time to speak up Cesc - tell us what you want.
I find it hard to rationalise how we can have a round of international matches next week, just three days before the start of the Premier League. It is time for the major clubs to simply refuse access to their players for this crap. UEFA and FIFA would have to bow down to the power of the clubs, as without them there would be no Champions League etc to make money - the clubs could literally take their football and go away with it.
As usual with international week Arsenal could well be the big losers. Fabregas himself has been called up by Spain. Given that his pre-season started today it is a joke that he is required to play for Spain. The ironic thing is that he will almost certainly play from the start, having warmed the bench for 90% of the World Cup.
The England U21 squad was announced yesterday and, as you might expect, Theo Walcott was not in it. Also omitted were Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs. Get round the bookies and put money on all three to be picked by Capello for the full team. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Capello apologises to Theo. Let's not forget that Capello accused Walcott of not having improved in the last four years. What a climb down to have to pick him just a couple of months later without him having played since.
In a quick round-up from Members Day I have learned that Sagna and Clichy still can't cross the ball, so Chamakh is likely to have a limited impact in the box. None of our players can shoot. Fabianski is all over the place, even in training. None of our central midfield is fit - seriously, none of them took part in anything that resembled full training today. Arsenal's trip to Anfield in ten days from now grows ever more worrying. The final thing I have learned is that Manuel Almunia is the only goalkeeper that could possibly save a child's penalty when attempting to let it go in!
Please can we have a new keeper and centre-back? Please? Arsene?

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