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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No announcement yet!!!!!! Sky's Mourinho obsession is getting worse, Wilshere dropped by England

One of the problems with following Arsenal is that, even when everyone knows a transfer is done, it is never official until confirmed by the Club. I've waited all day to write something in the hope that an official announcement on the Squillaci deal would have been forthcoming. As yet, there is nothing. The law of sod, of course, dictates that whilst I am publishing this the deal will be confirmed. As you may have realised from this paragraph of padding and general waffle, without official confirmation there is not a lot to write about today.

I was shouting at the TV earlier when I heard that twat Mourinho giving his opinions on Arsenal to Sky Sports News. I can't stand this big-headed tosser. Brian Clough always made his arrogant statements with a bit of a twinkle in his eye, Mourinho genuine believes in everything he comes out with. He clearly has a problem with Arsenal and with Wenger. Seeing as we never beat his Chelsea side, such animosity is hard to explain. His latest anti-Arsenal missive, with Sky doing their usual arse-licking routine (I loved it last season when Souness seemed ready to punch hairy-hands Richard Keys for going on and on about Mourinho), was to say how Arsenal's youngsters are no longer young. He claimed that they are all aged around 26 and 27, before going on to name Walcott (21), Song (22), Clichy (24) and Sagna (27). So he got one right. Sky, not wanting to lose their "exclusive" interviews with this overblown cretin, did nothing to point out the errors in his statements. Why let the truth get in the way of a Mourinho soundbite? Quite why Sky believe the English football fraternity to so enamoured with Mourinho is quite beyond me. They kept on last season that he was being "missed" by everyone in England. Really? Not even Chelsea fans miss him anymore! Then again, any channel that thinks Jamie Redknapp is a credible pundit is clearly out of touch with its public.

Jack Wilshere has been included in the England U21 squad for next week. Kieran Gibbs has not, which would seem to mean that he is now Ashley Cole's deputy for the national team. That Wilshere has been left out, despite impressing for Arsenal so far, indicates to me that the previous England squad was merely a sop to the press, used to take the heat off the World Cup players. England's brave new world did not last for long. Hopefully Jack will take the snub well and use his disappointment to stuff Blackburn on Saturday (I can see him getting sent-off against a team like Blackburn as the boy takes no crap from anyone).

Still no announcement.

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