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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Nasri injured, Traore off, Arsenal Fanshare

Samir Nasri - injured again. Big blow to Arsenal

Should I really be surprised? Of course not. Samir Nasri, after a fairly blistering pre-season, and a decent performance at Anfield, is injured. I saw Nasri apparently picking up a knock before half-time on Sunday and he came to the touchline for treatment. What with him going on to finish the match and play quite well I had forgotten all about it. Unfortunately he had picked up a knee problem and has to have an operation. Arsenal say he is out for a month, so you can make that two months. How typical is this? Why do we suffer so many injuries? It can't all be down to bad luck. As much as this is a blow to Arsenal, it is a huge smack in the chops for Nasri himself. Samir is not a favourite of mine. However, his performances in pre-season marked him out as the potential star of our season. To now see him out with yet another injury is particularly galling. The only bright news from this is that it should leave more opportunities for Jack Wilshere (the downside is more opportunities for Tomas Rosicky - though I felt he did turn the game for Arsenal late in the second-half at Liverpool) Get well soon Samir.
Armand Traore appears to be on the verge of a move to Benfica. I'm not surprised to hear he is being sold. As the third-choice left-back he shouldn't get too much action, though I think he is more than useful as a winger. He is, for me, our best crosser of the ball and I have no doubt that Marouane Chamakh would benefit from his presence around the first-team on a match day. That said, there is no way Wenger is going to use him in that role, so it seems to be bye-bye to Armand. I think a move away is probably best for Traore and I wish him well should he depart. I think he'll do well.
Arsenal have launched their Arsenal Fanshare initiative. I won't try to explain it as the official website can do it better than I ever could. Suffice to say that I believe this is a move, supported by the Arsenal Supporters Trust, to try and ensure plural ownership remains in place at Arsenal. I have never been in favour of Arsenal being owned by some individual businessman or another and anything that stops them getting their grubby mitts on OUR Club is to be welcomed. If I get £100 to spare I might even buy one myself - though the thought of having a ton burning a hole in my pocket is only a dream right now.
We might get some early team news tomorrow. I will try and put something out before I go to work tomorrow evening, assuming there's some news to talk about.

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