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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Arsene moves for a centre-back, no more Wonder Of You

Sebastien Squillaci - on his way to Arsenal?
Arsene Wenger is making a move in the transfer marker it appears. Canal+ last night revealed that French international Sebastien Squillaci had not been included in Seville's Champions League team as he is on the verge of a transfer to Arsenal. This news spread quickly around the Internet and Seville confirmed this morning that talks are being held between the Club's. Squillaci is an experienced centre-back who played in the Champions League Final for Monaco in 2004. He has just turned 30 so has a wealth of experience. Aside from that I know little about him. I've seen comments on the Internet so far ranging from "not good enough, useless" to "a beast in the air". It's amazing just how many Arsenal fans are experts on footballers from all around Europe. Where do they find the time to view all these players? I am, of course, being sarcastic. The fact that Seville have confirmed Arsenal's interest, with an official bid being made, indicates this is a deal that might well happen. Is he any good? I guess we will know in the next couple of weeks.

With the return of the Clock End and North Bank to the stadium this weekend it has been announced by Redaction that The Wonder Of You is to be dropped from its pre-match slot on the tannoy. I never understood the vitriol aimed at the introduction of the song. One of the popular objections seemed to be that a song by Elvis Presley had no connection to Arsenal. A fair point. But apart from songs written specifically about Arsenal, what music has got a connection to the Club? The pricks in Block 6 (that's the Redaction section), or at least those that turn up before kick-off, would actively chant over the top of TWOY, indicating to me that, as it wasn't their idea, they wanted nothing to do with it. Now they have their way. So what is the Arsenal-inspired music of choice to get us all going then? Well, it's none other than "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim - Redaction claim this has a resonance from the Highbury days. What? Absolute bollocks. And what exactly is Norman Cook's Arsenal connection? A season-ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion I believe. So instead of having a potential sing-along number to get the crowd going, we have a dance tune that will be played at ear-splitting volume and will only serve to piss people off for the most part. But Redaction (that unelected group of supporter opinion) like it, so the rest of us have to lump it. You might have noticed a certain ambivalence on my part towards Redaction. You would be right. A bunch of largely Johnny-Come-Lately "fans" who think they are more important than the rest of us because they want to stand up and sing, thus creating an atmosphere. Fine. Sing and create an atmosphere - everyone appreciates that. But you might find that if you turned up an hour before the game and got the players name chanting going during the warm-up, then a proper atmosphere might build - just like at away games. Remember the North Bank? The reason the atmosphere was better was that the fans had to be in early to get their places - the same principle would still apply. In the meantime, take your Redaction and stick it up your arse. You do not, and will never, speak in my name.

As I said when I began this blog, it's MY blog and MY opinion - you don't have to like it, that's just the way it is.

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