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Monday, 9 August 2010

Another big name keeper linked, Spahic rumours given legs by Sagna

According to today's Daily Mirror we are now in for Shay Given. I think this is a non-starter. The report says that we may try to buy him or loan him. There is no way Manchester City would loan any of their players to a rival for a Champions League place. Similarly, with Arsenal's obvious deficiencies in the goalkeeping area, to sell us Shay Given would undoubtedly improve Arsenal, so they won't do that either. City's money means that Arsenal (or any other of the top clubs) could offer a world-record fee, but it wouldn't have to be accepted. Shay Given would be a superb addition to the Arsenal team, though he is not impressive with balls in to the box as any City regular will testify following their problems last season. That he is better than what we have can not be disputed and his experience alone would be of benefit. That being said, if Saturday's link with Reina is genuine, I know who I'd rather get.

Our other area of greatest need is, of course, centre-back. Last week the Bosnian, Emir Spahic, linked himself with a move to Arsenal. Bacary Sagna has now made comments on arsenal.com telling us what a super player he thinks Spahic is, and that he would be a great signing for the Club. This kind of thing is a bit of a departure for Arsenal who, as we know, don't make official comment on speculation. The more I think about it, the more I believe Spahic will be joining soon. The Sagna interview is merely Arsenal's attempt to convince the fans this guy can play, so that we believe there is nothing wrong in signing yet another player none of us have ever heard of.

With a midweek of international matches ahead there is not a lot else around. I think it may be a slightly more lively international week than normal, simply because signings are needed by numerous teams, and the international friendlies will not really stop that from happening. It's unlikely that I will post tomorrow as I have work in the morning and cricket in the afternoon. Who knows, when I'm back here on Wednesday Arsene might have started to address the problems. Then again, maybe not.

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