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Saturday, 30 March 2013

In memory of David Rocastle

Rocky Seven

It was a nice win for Arsenal yesterday but any reflections on that can wait until tomorrow.

Today is 31st March. That date is traditionally marked on this website with a simple post remembering David Rocastle. The Great Man was taken from us 12 years ago today. The way the fans remembered him yesterday showed how much we all thought of Rocky. As I've mentioned before he was my hero as a young boy. David Rocastle cried when he was sold by Arsenal. So did I.

I'll leave you with a few tribute videos from Youtube. The first is taken from Arsenal's own video tribute to Rocky (the video on Youtube lasts 14 minutes, but only the first four minutes have any picture/sound). The second highlights the genius of David Rocastle to a back drop of music from the pens of Lennon and McCartney - quite fitting. The third has some reflections from famous faces on what they thought of David Rocastle, many of which mirror my own.

RIP Rocky. I still miss you at Arsenal.

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