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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Wolves (h) preview, Thierry to return, A Christmas message

Happy Christmas from It's MY Arsenal Opinion

The game against Wolves and, more particularly, its postponement until Tuesday has been a bit of a bonus for me and most of the other Dover Gooners. I've just got back from the annual Christmas Eve get together (yes, it is a pub based event) that involves a number of us and the consensus was very much the same - a 3 o'clock game on Boxing Day is no good, but a delay is just dandy, thanks very much.
The team news is that Johan Djourou might well return to the squad, and that is good news - not least because it means Squillaci should move back out of harm's way for the time being. Apart from that there's not a lot to say. I can see Aaron Ramsey being rested, with either Benayoun or Rosicky coming in. I can also see Gervinho being left out, which is fine as long as Arshavin isn't the beneficiary. Alex Song will return, in place of Emmanuel Frimpong. The enforced week off will have done Song no harm at all.
Wolves have had a mixed bag again this season. Personally I believe they are hamstrung by the dinosaur that is their Manager. Their start was outstanding, but was followed by a dreadful run of results. They have some quality in attack, especially in the shape of Stephen Fletcher. However, they should be unable to really trouble this Arsenal team. In an ideal World that would certainly be the case, but this is football. In football, especially in England, there is little cut and dried. I fully expect a motivated team to come to our place on Tuesday and run their socks off. An early goal could be crucial for Arsenal.
I'll leave it there for now in terms of a preview. I know it's a bit brief, but it is Christmas Eve after all.

It seems that Arsene Wenger is now actively considering a return for Thierry Henry (because, of course, he wasn't before now...much). Naturally he isn't the player he was. However, he is still on a different planet to our other back-up strikers. I hope the deal is already in place, despite what Wenger says, and that the Great Man will play against Leeds in the FA Cup. It would be a great way to start the New Year if Arsenal were to announce the return of the King. I'd even go and get my home shirt printed with his name and number on it. Go on Arsene, get it done. Such a signing could create the sort of buzz that would spur the squad on to greater things. It would certainly get the fans going.

Finally I would like to just sum up what the blog has done this year. When I wrote on Christmas Eve 2010 I noted that the site had been visited on 5200 occasions in its first six months. This year, following our introduction to the NewsNow Arsenal feed, the site has got up to the very cusp of 300,000 hits since I started it. I have to thank everyone that has read and contributed, either on the site itself, or Twitter, or Facebook. It is quite humbling that so many people would take the time to click on the link and, maybe, read what I've had to say about the World's greatest Club. This site is never going to be as big as an Arseblog, but nor does it pretend to be anything similar. This site is simply my view on all things Arsenal. You might not like my opinion, you might not agree with my opinion, but you must understand that mine is an opinion based on watching Arsenal in the flesh. As far as I'm concerned that makes my view more valid than that of someone who doesn't go to games (I am not doing down sites written by those who don't go, but I personally don't lend much credence to their views). I think, if you spoke to most people who actually go to watch Arsenal, they would agree with that. Again, you don't have to like or agree with that, but it's my opinion, and it's my blog.
My Christmas this year will be, as ever, spent with family. I will be off to Church later to celebrate a little Midnight Mass, and then to bed while Father Christmas does his stuff. I have two very excited little boys in the house right now, and my eldest is impatient to track the progress being made by the man in the sleigh on Norad Santa. That being the case I will sign off now, and I will do so by wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas.

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  1. Good post, and congratulations on the blog stats. Best wishes to you and yours for an excellent Christmas.