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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Not long now, Hunt just one letter out

HE is coming

The Thierry Henry transfer story is gathering pace. Today Per Mertesacker has had his say and it seems the big fella is in favour of the Great Man's return. I had to laugh at Sky's Dharmesh Sheth claiming that sources "close to Thierry Henry" said he would be "willing to return on loan." What a scoop, eh? I mean, it's not as though Thierry has ever publicly stated his desire to return to Arsenal at some stage, either as a player or something else.
Something that must be understood when Henry completes his loan move is that he will not be the Thierry of yesteryear. The electrifying pace has gone. The prolific goalscoring has gone. However, the touch and the ability is still there. His return would, ideally, prompt a change in the formation for a while. I would like to see a 4-4-2 with Henry playing the Bergkamp role, behind Robin Van Persie. If Thierry is going to be here, then let's make the best of what he can offer. I strongly suspect there would be no slacking from him in such a brief stay, and he would be keen to play as much as possible.
Sunday is January 1st, the opening of the transfer window. What better way to see out 2011, and welcome 2012, than by announcing the signing on Saturday afternoon, before the QPR game? This would leave Henry clear to make his second debut, if not at Fulham, in the FA Cup at home to Leeds a week on Monday. The last thing we need is for any of this to drag on - the window of Henry's availability is brief, so let's get the most we can off him.

I can't believe Sky have chosen to make publicity of Steven Hunt's comments with regard to Arsenal players haranguing the referee on Tuesday. Having been at the game I can honestly say that the only person continually in the face of Stuart Attwell was Hunt himself. Every time a decision went against Wolves there he was. He's always been a nasty little toe-rag - just ask Petr Cech.
All credit, for once, to Gordon Taylor who has criticised Hunt for his statements. It was quite funny watching Sky Sports News this afternoon as they clearly had him on there in an attempt to show Arsenal in a bad light. It serves them right.
Something to bear in mind in all of this, of course, is the fact that Manchester United's players have constantly surrounded officials throughout the last twenty years. It doesn't do for Sky to have a go at them, though, in case the Scots alcoholic bans them from his press conferences. That's not to mention their other favourites, "JT" and "Big Fat Frank." It makes me so angry!
I would suggest that Steven Hunt, meanwhile, gets back to selling pegs and lucky heather.

Incidentally I'm just watching Sky presenter Gerorgie Thompson doing her last interview before going off to do Formula One next year. She is being made to speak to Twitchy Redknapp. What will Sky do when he goes to prison? Or if he gets the England job, where the FA will ban him from being rent-a-quote? The air time on Sky will be quite barren, I'm sure. In the interview he's just stopped short of describing Georgie as "good lad, quality player."

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