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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

We're back - hopefully for the duration

Once again I find myself apologising for a hiatus in the output from this site over the past week. As regulars will know I have moved house and I've finally had the broadband connection set up today. I had planned to get previews and reviews written in the interim, but I was scuppered by the death of my old laptop. As a result I have had to invest in a new model, so it was off to Currys yesterday in search of a bargain. Now, hopefully, all the upheaval is over and done with, and we can get some regularity to the blog again.

The most disappointing aspect of not being able to write properly this past week was missing out on the 125 celebrations over the weekend. Arsenal do pretty well at getting this kind of thing right and Saturday was no exception. The parade of the legends was handled superbly well by Tom Watt. I find Watt irritating at times when I watch him presenting Fans Forum, but he is very much a fan, first and foremost. His introduction for each player was right on the button. The other things laid on by the Club were impressive, including a video with an Arsene Wenger voiceover describing the beginnings of Dial Square FC. Sadly the Arsenal soundtrack, designed specifically for the day, was played at ridiculously low volume, in stark contrast to the usual assault on the eardrums that we are regularly dealt. I was extremely pleased that our PA announcer (the worst in the World) Paul Burrell finally dispensed with the ridiculous "calling back" of the players name's. Unfortunately he once again missed the moment at the final whistle when surely "One-nil to the Arsenal" (the Ian Wright version, rather than the real "Go West") or "Good Old Arsenal" should have blared out - therein is the difference between a fan like Tom Watt, who understands other fans, and a man who seems to be completely clueless.
The game itself was frustrating for our profligacy in front of goal in the first-half. Quite how Theo can claim he wants to play at centre-forward, and then pass up on the chance to shoot at an open goal I have no idea. Once again Robin Van Persie scored the goal - I can't believe that anyone will score a better goal than that all season, anywhere in the Premier League - from an assist by Alex Song. I thought Song was man of the match again on Saturday, simply outstanding. In the end the result was all that mattered, and the 125 celebrations were not a damp squib.

Arsene has made some fairly encouraging comments regarding transfers in January today. He has finally acknowledged that we will be short in attack with the absence of Gervinho and Chamakh. The prospect of one or two new players makes me optimistic. I don't see him bringing in any further defenders, despite the injury problems at full-back (I said the ramifications of losing Andre Santos would be felt for a long time, and it seems I was right). However, if he does bring in a striker or two, we could yet get somewhere this season. I keep on about it, but a loan deal involving Thierry Henry must be a possibility. The other striker I would like to see come in next month is Demba Ba from Newcastle. He has proven his worth across the whole year, playing in mediocre team's, so I believe he would be an excellent addition - he is also not cup-tied for Europe.
As far as transfer speculation goes, that's about all you'll hear from me on the subject. I will be continuing my policy of paying no attention whatsoever to the nonsense gossip in the papers and online.

More tomorrow.

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