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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nike are useless and Federico Marchetti linked to Arsenal

Last night Arsenal posted a statement on the official website telling us that the shorts from the new home kit would not be available before 26th August from any supplier (mine arrived with the pre-ordered shirt?!), apparently due to a problem with Nike. The new kit is out today, but Arsenal waited until last night to tell people there was a problem. What the hell is going on? This is not the first time Arsenal's fans will have been let down by Nike. In 2001 the new gold kit was delayed until after the season had begun. In 2007 it was apparent that the kit released in Summer 2006, as we moved to the new stadium, had a problem with the sponsor printed on the front. Surely this latest problem, along with the non-Arsenal kits produced by this shower over the years, should be enough for Arsenal to tell them the crappy contract they signed with Keith Edelman is now invalid. Let's get a deal with Adidas and get some proper Arsenal kits made and sold from next Summer. Red and white (this years home shirt is by far Nike's best effort) and yellow and blue - it's not rocket science is it?

The latest player linked is goalkeeper Federico Marchetti. He has been told he can leave Cagliari after asking for a transfer. The 27 year old is understudy to Gianluigi Buffon in the Italian national team. Marchetti played in every game for Italy at the World Cup due to Buffon's injured back. I have to say that, with Italy being rubbish, I didn't notice him standing out at all. That's not to say he isn't any good - most Italian national team keepers are pretty useful. I'd rather sign the man he understudies for but, in the absence of a better alternative (and I'm confident Mark Schwarzer isn't better) I'll be happy if Marchetti joins Arsenal.

No blog tomorrow as I am working nights (unless we make a morning signing). The Emirates Cup starts Saturday and I'll preview the AC Milan game on Saturday morning.

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