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Monday, 5 July 2010

Cesc gets a new spokesman, Messi sees something most Gooners haven't

Blogless Sunday very nearly brought me personal success. A shock appearance in the Cricket Club single-wicket final made my day but, like Arsenal, I fell on the run-in to a possible surprise title. There's always next season, unless the knees/back give out once and for all. The cricket was certainly an improvement on Saturday's golf, which was largely awful.

My readership, meanwhile, seems to be growing. I had a text from a Man Utd supporting friend who told me he was enjoying the blog and was looking forward to my comments on Spain v Paraguay. Unfortunately he will be disappointed as I have nothing to say - it was two days ago after all.

On to most things Arsenal. The latest Barcelona player to speak on the Fabregas saga is Gerard Pique who joyfully told the press that this Summer had been "bad news for Arsenal" due to Cesc spending so much time with Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol etc. The smugness of this quote gives me even more reason to despise Barcelona and their outrageous arrogance. Fabregas and his people are trying their best to orchestrate a move away. I think Arsenal should offer him to Man City for £60million, and then tell him that's what has been accepted and to go and talk to them - you want to leave, fine - but you don't get to choose where you go for a knock-down fee. This would smoke out Barcelona as they'd have to match it or back off.

Lionel Messi has emerged as a surprise cheer-leader for Theo Walcott. On the face of it he appears to have seen something most Arsenal fans haven't. He describes Walcott as Arsenal and England's danger-man, admitting his surprise that Theo was left out by England. When you analyse what Messi says it actually makes a lot of sense. He is basically making the point that Walcott scares defenders with his pace and should have been England's impact sub. If you consider Theo's contributions toward goals on the big occasion, you can't argue with that, however ordinary he may often appear - in Europe and around the World, they will only really see Walcott as the guy who ran the length of the pitch at Anfield, scored the hat-trick in Croatia, and sparked the Arsenal comeback against Barcelona. When you think about it that way, it's no wonder the World may be worried about facing him. That said, England were that bad, Pele in his prime would have struggled to make an impact. As I said before, a good one to miss Theo.

More tomorrow, when I hope Holland are ready to book their place in the World Cup Final.

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