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Monday, 12 July 2010

Webb wins World Cup, Hansen & co change their tune, Cesc sickens me

Congratulations to Howard Webb, the first referee since Mr Mendoza in 1990 to win the World Cup. What a prize twat this man is. He should have sent off De Jong, of course, and probably Van Bommel too. But that does not excuse his failure to award various free-kicks to the Dutch, the last one in particular, which lead to Spain's winner. The BBC team, especially a certain Lee Dixon, need to realise that a series of wrongs do not make a right. To suggest the Dutch can't complain after the lack of red cards is a joke. Howard Webb, you're a complete prick and all my predictions for your failings on the biggest stage have been proved correct. It's just a shame Mathijsen didn't punch him after the goal - that would have made my day. He cost Robin Van Persie a World Cup winners medal, and couldn't wait to book him in the first-half. I hope Robin reminds him when they meet in the Premier League.

Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer, Lee Dixon and Gary Lineker were appalled by the Dutch rough-house tactics. How dare they try to win by intimidating more talented opponents? Funny that, when Arsenal are being belted by crap like Bolton, Stoke or Blackburn, they have to be able to stand up to it - it's all part of the game. Just watch Match Of The Day after we lose up north for the first time and the mind will have changed once more. Cretins, the lot of them. They also say that Spain have been the best team throughout the competition - apparently it only starts after the quarter final has been played then. Eight goals in seven games - the best side throughout? Do me a favour.

Cesc Fabregas has dedicated the win to Arsenal and their fans. Apparently it's a great Club and he is proud to be an Arsenal player. Really? I thought you wanted to play for Barcelona? Message to you, my friend, it is too late to ingratiate yourself in the affections of scores of Arsenal fans. You have let us down with your public transfer saga which has included a failure to condemn your Spain team mates that have spoken about your wishes to leave Arsenal. If you really want to be popular then persuade Barca to stump up the necessary cash. You are one of the all-time greats at Arsenal, but you are no different to the likes of Ashley Cole and Alexander Hleb. I took more pleasure from watching Fabregas miss his one-on-one last night, than I did thinking we had an Arsenal player as World Champion.

I'm pushed for time as this is costing me a quid, so I will sign off with an apology for any typos you find. I'll blog at the end of the week, probably Saturday, after watching Arsenal v Barnet. The real stuff is upon us already!

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