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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The long goodbye for Hector Bellerin

Good news for Hector, bad news for Arsenal

I was worried when I read that Hector Bellerin had made his full debut for Spain at the weekend. I'm now even more worried as he has been named in their full squad for Euro 2016. None of this is to say that he doesn't deserve to be there - if he gets in the side then I predict he will be one of the absolute stars of the tournament. The problem is that we've been here before with a superb Arsenal youngster, ex of Barcelona, spending five or six weeks in the company of the total a***holes that play for Barca and Spain.
We all knew that Fabregas would end up back at Barcelona at some point. What we didn't appreciate was that his place in the Spain squad would be used by that cess-pit of a club to tap him up via the likes of Puyol, Pique, Iniesta, Xavi and, for some bizarre reason, Pepe Reina of Liverpool. Every time Fabregas went away with Spain he had the drip, drip, drip of those players in his ear hole telling him how he was wasting his talent at Arsenal and needed to come "home" to the Nou Camp. I still get angry at Fabregas allowing them to place a Barcelona shirt on him at their celebrations of the World Cup win. It was only a matter of time then before Fabregas caused enough strife at Arsenal to force his way out. The fact that his move back to Barcelona wasn't overly successful on a personal level - despite being involved in a number of trophy wins, he never got ahead of the more famous and experienced midfield players there - will not have any bearing on the future of Bellerin.
I will go out on a limb right now and say that, by the time we get to proper pre-season training the Barcelona media machine will be in action dropping stories about Bellerin. Pique and his mates will be on at him throughout the next five weeks or so to unsettle him at Arsenal. A successful tournament will see Hector become a permanent feature of the Spain squad and so it will begin to turn his head. Like Fabregas he is a Barcelona kid. The lure of a return, despite any public protestations to the contrary, is there for him. Spending time with those w*****s from Barcelona will not be good news for Arsenal. If it doesn't happen this Summer, then next year will probably see Bellerin being properly pursued by Barcelona having been continually prodded by their players in the Spanish team. I reckon that Hector Bellerin won't be at Arsenal when the 2017-18 starts, or at least by the end of the 2017 transfer window. The long goodbye begins now. 


  1. If I do recall, Arsenal stole him to begin with when he was 16 and Barca was unable to sign him bc of Spanish law. Same thing happened with Fabregas. I say that the Gunners take the payday and the 'thank you' for properly training them for the bigger, better club that is Barcelona. Arsenal's place is as a 2nd tier with no real chance of winning a major trophy and has completely solidified itself as a selling club time and time again.

  2. he is catalan you stole in the first place...arsenal are wankers to begin with

  3. Hilarious, I totally agree, and please pinch me, I am a former London citizen myself, but that never stopped me from loving and supporting Barcelona. my main point here is who are you to Cuss at Barca for being better then Arsenal, you Arsenal fans are so insecure coz you know from the bottom of your bitter hearts that Arsenal cannot generate enough talent to put it back into Europe's biggest Title contentions. If anything you Arsenal fans are the real farts, trying to inplant a sense of guilt over the media knowing fully well that the kinds of opinions we make in social media will have some kind of role to play in how these players decide on their futures. Mainly my argument is to say that we all have our agendas for saying what we say but at a closer glance we have to realise that, Bellerins life is his own, and wether he wants to be used as an asset of some sort by BARCELONA OR ARSENAL then so be it, the world moves on. Everybody goes where they are most comfortable, and if that is back home to BARCELONA where he grew up and cultured then so be it, I PERSONALY would welcome that, and call me a Barcelona fan or whatsoever but people should stop blaming Barcelona and its players for Arsenals problems, they should look internaly at their playing structure and what needs to be done to inform a winning mentality. heck Arsenal might find that the problem with their campaign was always Arsene Wenger instead, at that area I agree with fans at Arsenal, they do need change, You Are Welcome and sorry that Arsenal Fans are such Sore Loosers, but the reality is Bellerin was born and bred barcelonian, it would only make sense for him to go home if BELLERIN WANTED!


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