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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Why are people still defending the indefensible?

You're all a disgrace

Let's make it abundantly clear - the result may have been 3-2 but Arsenal were humiliated yet again yesterday. Just add the 3-0 half-time score at Stoke to the first-half embarrassments at Chelsea and Liverpool earlier this year. Straight away we had Mertesacker and Flamini wheeled out by the official website for the "We're sorry" and "We're disappointed with ourselves" interviews. Well shut the f*** up. Do the people at Arsenal really think the fans are still swallowing this bull**** from the players? Every time there's another humiliation (and these are not rare for Wenger's Arsenal these days) we get the same platitudes from whichever player has drawn the short straw. If you're so f***ing sorry then why did you play like utterly useless c***s in the first place? Why, after twenty seconds, had you already shown yourselves to be frightened of the physical challenge of playing Stoke City? Scared, like little boys playing against a team of big men from the local Sunday League.
That first-half was as bad as just about any of the other capitulations of the last twelve months. And as much as I've gone in to one at the players it comes back to the mentality with which they leave the dressing room. What sort of speech had been given by Wenger? They were sent out timid and they played like it. Kieran Gibbs made Jonathan Walters look like some kind of top class winger. Calum Chambers, in that first attack, basically ducked out of the way of the ball and left Bellerin with two men to try and deal with. And where the hell was Per Mertesacker throughout all this disastrous defending? Poor young Hector was then the one given the hook at half-time - but then he was the youngest and that makes him Wenger's easiest target. The only genuine casualties of what happened yesterday will be Bellerin and Martinez, neither of whom will get a look in next Saturday when Newcastle come to town. All the others will be involved. Why? Because the two youngsters are the ones he can take it out on with no confrontation likely to occur.
I've seen the most ardent of the Wengerites trying to blame the referee for the outcome of the game. I'm more than willing to pull out Mr Taylor for the numerous outrageous errors he made (yet again in a match involving Arsenal), most notably the disgraceful failure to send off Charlie Adam for his physical assault on Alexis - he actually chose to tell Alexis to calm down. But to suggest Taylor cost Arsenal the game is a nonsense. Arsenal cost themselves the game by the way they went about the first-half, and the fact that we had a makeshift team on the pitch because Arsene Wenger has been guilty of the most criminal mismanagement of Arsenal FC in thirty years. Stevie Wonder could have seen where Arsenal's problems were going to be this season, long before the transfer window closed. The one man who couldn't see it is the one man we rely upon to ensure we challenge for the top honours. And still people want to blame a referee when you're 3-0 down at half-time against a pub team.
There is no excuse for the state of the Arsenal squad. There is also no excuse for the constant inaction of Wenger during games. And what exactly does Steve Bould do apart from picking up a good wage? Wenger and Bould sat on the bench throughout the whole show yesterday. Where was the instruction? Where were the b******ings? Where was the leadership? With 80 minutes on the clock Joel Campbell appeared on the touchline, stripped and ready to play. And there he stayed until 92 minutes were on the clock. What was Wenger waiting for? Throughout this whole time we still had four at the back, two of whom were Flamini and Ramsey. We still had just Danny Welbeck playing up front on his own. As bad as the players are, what chance are they being given by a Manager who is content to wallow in mediocrity?
I keep hearing people from other clubs saying how us Arsenal supporters are spoiled. Yes, we are. But we are ARSENAL for God's sake! In an era where we are one of the few Clubs equipped financially to compete for the major honours, how is it a bad thing to expect better? One trophy in nine years. Three times a Premier League Title thrown away in that time because Arsene Wenger refused to spend the money on the one or two players that would have made us Champions.
I can accept Arsenal losing games of football. But I can not accept being ritually humiliated. It's bad enough when it happens at Manchester City, Liverpool or Chelsea. But at Stoke City? Wenger has usually referred to these disasters as "accidents". Surely an accident is something that can not be avoided, pure happenstance, rather than something that everyone can see coming. And if these are just accidents then I'd hate to see Wenger's insurance premium. How many more nails have to be put in the coffin of Wenger's reign? It's driving us all to distraction.

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