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Friday, 28 February 2014

Turning a new page

I've decided to change the way in which the blog is used via Facebook. Until now it's been accessed via a group to which people had to apply to join. Of course, this limited the scope for members. As from today there is now a new "page" on Facebook which you simply have to "like" in order to join in. The new page is found at it's own web address: www.facebook.com/ItsMYArsenalOpinion for easier access.
The posts from here will be linked to the new page from now on and the old Facebook group will be closed down in the next day or two. This may or may not reach out further and bring new readers to the site. I hope that more people will find it easier to find the site via Facebook and, perhaps, get involved with some discussion and opinion. I'm fully aware that leaving comments via this website can be onerous and is not always straightfoward. By opening up a new Facebook page I hope I'm also opening up a new way to contribute. If it doesn't make any difference then that's fine, but nothing ventured.
My Twitter feed is also still dedicated to the blog and can be found at @ARSENALDvbrisG. Again, if you're on Twitter then come and get involved.
This isn't the most inspiring post I've ever published, but there should be a preview of some sort for the Stoke City game later today. It's always an enjoyable one as it usually brings at least one of their neanderthals out to play in the comments section. In the meantime, come and visit on Facebook.

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