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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rollercoaster built and waiting for launch time...

So the fixtures are out. Arsenal have been dealt a pretty shoddy hand for the first weekend (I very much doubt we'll get to play on Saturday) with a trip to Liverpool. Something tells me we won't be 3-0 up at half-time on Merseyside in the first game this season. I don't like going to sides with a new manager at the best of times, but especially not a big club on the first day of the new season with all the hope and expectation that brings. The first home game is Blackpool the following week. The other dates of note (provisionally) are Chelsea (a) on 2nd October, Spurs (h) on 20th November, Man Utd (a) on 11th December and Chelsea (h) on Boxing Day. No point in looking past Christmas at this stage, although it's worth noting the unusual occurence of playing away fromhome in the first and last games of the season.

In other news there's the usual transfer nonsense, which I will pay no attention to. We have also signed, apparently, a 16 year-old Dutch wonderkid - Kyle Ebicilio - so say www.skysports.com. You'll forgive me if I don't jump out of my seat.

I'm writing this while watching Argentina coolly dismantling South Korea. It's 2-0 as I write and the Koreans, who are not a bad side, don't look like getting in the game. Significant Arsenal interest later with France v Mexico, but I'll have to Sky+ it as work calls.

No blog tomorrow. Report on England and Arsenal's massive multi-million pound signing on Saturday.

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