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Monday, 14 June 2010

It's quiet out there

There is such a lack of Arsenal news about today I thought about not bothering, but given my limited readership it would be rather foolhardy to leave you without a blog today. The only "news" I can gather is that one of our newspaper's today reported Arsenal are to release Silvestre, Gallas and Campbell - Earth shattering stuff. Given that all three will shortly be out of contract this is not what I would call a World Exclusive. I am surprised, however, that Arsenal have not tied up a deal for Big Sol. The great man was outstanding when he returned and carried the Team in the final weeks of the season. His performance at Tottenham, when he was insulted by not being given the captaincy, was an absolute model of the centre-half trade. If a youngster came to me and asked "how do I play at centre-back?" I would instruct them to buy the DVD from Spurs and watch the guy in the Arsenal number 31 shirt - that, my boy, is how you play at centre-back. Given our lack of cover in that area of the pitch (even before Senderos, Silvestre and Gallas have all been given the off) letting Campbell go appears negligent. Quite apart from our lack of centre-backs, Sol is an experienced head, a winner, and a leader. I would love to see him at Arsenal for one more season, helping along the likes of Bartley, Ayling and the injury-prone Djourou. Please Arsene, sign him up, before he goes and wastes his final year in a mickey-mouse outfit like Celtic.

In the World Cup, the Arsenal interest ended up being in the Holland v Denmark game only. Bendtner did okay up front for the Danes and provided their best moments (note to ITV commentary team - just because Nicklas Bendtner plays for Arsenal does not give you the right to slag him every time he goes near a football, you mugs). Robin Van Persie created the opening goal for the Dutch, before departing soon after the hour.

Alex Song was surprisingly left out by Cameroon. I don't understand that at all. For me, they have two top-quality performers, Song and the World-Class Eto'o. If someone can tell me why Song is left out, while Eto'o, one of the World's premier striker's, spends the match on the right-wing, perhaps they can let me know. No surprise when Cameroon failed to score and lost 1-0.

I particularly enjoyed watching Germany last night, some beautiful football. If there finishing was better, they would have doubled the four goals they put past the Aussies. They have five strikers, each of whom would be in the England squad - and that tells you all you need to know about England's weaknesses. I thought the referee in the match last night made the first big howler by an official when he sent off Tim Cahill - I hope FIFA show some sense and rescind the red card, though knowing them he will probably get an extended ban.

On the subject of officiating, I think it has been largely first-class. Obviously I have mentioned last night, and I also felt Milner and Carragher could easily have been dismissed on Saturday, but by and large every decision has been correct. Is it any coincidence that Howard Webb and co are yet to take charge of a match yet? I think not.

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  1. I'm informed that Luke Ayling is off to Yeovil following his release by Arsenal - feel free to ignore that bit!