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Friday, 11 June 2010

Arsene on Pienaar, and Day One

Important stuff first, The Arsenal. Arsene has been speaking in South Africa again, this time about Stephen Pienaar. Wenger said that he has followed the career of the Everton man since he came to Ajax, and he would "definitely get in the Arsenal team". Something tells me that Le Boss may have been giving a diplomatic answer to a question from a local reporter - thought that's not to say I don't necessarily agree. I think Pienaar is a quality player, and his finish against Arsenal in the blizzard earlier this year was the mark of a class footballer, but I don't think for one minute that Wenger would consider bringing him to Arsenal. Unlike Joe Cole, who I spoke of yesterday, I am not sure Pienaar would be a huge improvement on what we have now. In the absence of much other Arsenal news I will have to move on to todays World Cup action...

South Africa v Mexico was a fine game of football, lit up by a quite magnificent South African goal. Arsenal interest was confined to Carlos Vela who looked just like the player we have become used to over the past couple of years - he was almost anonymous, though he did have a tap-in correctly ruled out for offside. I think South Africe not losing was a huge result for the tournament, but a win for them would have seen things really take off.

The late game was a real yawn-fest for me. France were largely awful, while Uruguay made little attempt to win. In defence of France I have to say that Raymond Domenech is an absolute mentallist. Remember, this is the man who wouldn't pick Robert Pires because he was the wrong star-sign! Apparently he rowed with Malouda last night and left him out, despite being in the form of his life - so Govou played instead. He also left out Thierry Henry. From an Arsenal perspective Diaby had a fine first half, dominating midfield, before disappearing after half-time. Sagna had a decent game for me, with some decent crosses in to the box and Gallas was as solid as usual. Overall, it was an abysmal match though and we can only hope things get more exciting than that.

On another note, between Radio 5 and BBC1 today I must have heard 15 different BBC reporters/pundits. What the hell is going on? Since when was the licence fee used for all these cretins to get a free holiday to South Africa?

Tomorrow sees England get under way, so no Arsenal interest there. In fact, no Arsenal interest in any of tomorrows matches, but that doesn't mean I won't be watching. I do have to play cricket though, but an early start should mean an early finish and back for a few beers and England v USA.

Might be here tomorrow, might not - depends a lot on any Arsenal news/rumour. Unil then...

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