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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Koscielny by the weekend? RVP marches on

Youngguns Blog is reporting that Arsenal have been given permission to speak to Laurent Koscielny. It looks like a deal may be done by the weekend apparently. Youngguns, as I have said before, is just about the most trustworthy of the unofficial Arsenal websites, so if they say it's happening, then it's happening. An announcement of Arsenal's new number 6 tomorrow, just in time for the launch of the new home shirt on Thursday? Joe Cole's contract at Chelsea expires tomorrow - perhaps a new number 10 also? Time will tell, but with Arsenal's lack of marketing prowess I seriously doubt any announcement will be made before Friday at the earliest - but one can always dream.

On the subject of the new home shirt yet another "possible" is doing the rounds on some websites today. I'll wait until I see it Thursday thanks.

Robin Van Persie's Holland made it to the quarter final yesterday with a 2-1 win over Slovakia. Slovakia only really started to play when it was getting too late, but had it not been for some slack finishing and good Dutch goalkeeping, Holland may have been a shock casualty in the second round. They face the impressive Brazilians next and will have to seriously raise their game. Brazil romped past Chile 3-0. It was great to see Howard Webb reverting to type and missing a stick-on penalty for Brazil as Lucio nearly had his leg snapped. Frighteningly, having refereed the European Cup Final, Webb seems to be considered the number one man - God save us. I noticed that, for the third time in the tournament, the fourth official in that match was the referee who cocked up the quick free-kick against Arsenal in Porto last season - he hasn't actually been given a game to referee yet. I wonder why?

This morning Sepp Blatter is apologising to the FA for the goal that wasn't, and FIFA say goal-line technology will be spoken about in July - the World Cup started over 2 weeks ago. Red faces all round at FIFA, but I seriously still doubt they will bring it in.

Meanwhile the England team returned to London this morning, met by a fleet of chauffeured cars. Pampered to the very last. No wonder they don't try.

The Sun has stepped up its campaign to remove Fabio Capello and bring in Twitchy Harry, who has been quick to rule himself IN for the job, even though there is no job available. Classy Harry. I hope he's paying the appropriate taxes on all these interviews. Also in yesterdays Sun was a column including 12 Capello errors, number 10 of which was "failing to select Theo Walcott" - this is the same paper that led the applause for his omission. They also numbered "selecting unfit Ledley King" - again, this is the paper that ran a campaign to get him selected. Tabloid journalists - get back in the gutter.

More tomorrow.

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