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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Butt out Twitchy

Harry Redknapp has announced that Tottenham have approached the agent of Joe Cole to express their interest, but that Cole does not want to talk to any clubs until after the World Cup. I find it hard to believe that his future is not already sorted, unless he was planning on being England's star of the World Cup and bolstering any signing-on fees from prospective buyers. If he has not sorted his future, and the rumours of Arsenal's interest are true then Redknapp can naff-off and get back to signing second-rate players for a decent sized tax dodge (allegedly).

Arsene Wenger made an earth-shattering announcement on www.arsenal.com yesterday where he told the Gooner masses that we "will sign someone soon". You can almost hear the cheers in North London revererating around the land. Seriously Arsene, if there is nothing worthwhile to announce, then don't just give soundbites to the website editor to fill Summer space.

I watched Brazil v Portugal yesterday as they put forward their contender for worst match in this World Cup. It made Holland v Japan look like a classic. I missed Spain last night as I was working, though I understand Cesc played the last 30 minutes and Torres dived to get a Chilean sent-off. Once again I doubt FIFA will spring in to action.

I enjoyed the game this afternoon and I thought South Korea were the better team. Luis Suarez produced a moment of real class to put Uruguay through. As I write Ghana are deservedly 2-1 up in extra-time against USA. This World Cup needs a successful African team to re-capture the imagination. Hopefully Ghana can carry the hopes of their entire continent and spark an incredibly dull tournament in to life.

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