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Thursday, 13 August 2015

What the hell is that s***?

PUMA made a reasonable start to their Arsenal contract last season. The red might have been slightly too bright for many traditionalists, but the yellow and blue was most welcome and all seemed well. I didn't mind the cup kit, albeit it was hardly ever worn. They then managed to bring out another decent home shirt earlier this year and, leaving aside that they and Arsenal are now trying to milk supporters with three new kits every season, I was quite happy with what they are producing. Since then it's all gone seriously wrong.
I mentioned in a post the other week how the away shirt, once seen in the flesh, looks more brown than gold. It's even more pronounced once a player starts sweating in it. As badly coloured kits go it's up there with Coventry City's chocolate coloured monstrosity of the late 1970's. Add to this the lies written in the promotional guff about the "story behind the shirt design" (identical to the Newcastle United away shirt for this season) and PUMA have started to go backwards very quickly.
Now they have gone and torn it completely and I have to wonder who the cretin is at Arsenal that signs off on this rubbish. The "cup kit" for this season is, without a shadow of a doubt, the single worst Arsenal shirt I have ever seen. The players even look depressed in the launch photographs - check out Jack Wilshere's face in the gallery on the official website. It makes the purple and black hoops of a few seasons back look like a classic design. Maybe it seems wrong for a 36 year-old bloke to getting out of his pram about a football shirt but it is just nothing more than an utter monstrosity.
I pray to God that, should we be lucky enough to win another trophy this season, it's done in the red shirt with white sleeves. Could you imagine living with the memories and photographs of Arsenal celebrating in a brown shirt or, even worse, a badly designed deckchair? It's that bad a shirt that I can't even upload a photo of it to accompany this post as the website won't let me!

This will be the last blog until shortly before the Liverpool game, unless I can find some pretty good and reliable wi-fi over the next ten days or so. We need to win at Palace on Sunday to avoid the need to be playing catch up before we've even got going this season. I'll be trying to find a nice pub somewhere in Cornwall for the game this Sunday so fingers crossed I get lucky. Oh, and do not adjust your set this Sunday - Arsenal are actually playing in a brown shirt.


  1. Its funny that the shirts are "brown" because we are playing like something that is also brown..

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