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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hang Fabregas, Good riddance to nasty scum

Have you seen this man? Wanted Dead or Alive.

It's good to see the press applying their usual unbiased perspective to the latest controversy involving an Arsenal player. It seems de rigeur among the opposition manager's to get at Cesc Fabregas. Tango-man Phil Brown started it last year with his lies about the Arsenal Captain spitting at Brian Horton. You might recall that the alleged spitting gradually got further and further from the truth to the point where Brown had to admit he hadn't actually seen said incident after all and then accused Fabregas of wearing an offensive hooded coat instead. Brown, of course, had just seen his side beaten in the FA Cup and moved a step closer to the inevitable sacking that came his way. Last week it was Roberto Martinez who decided Cesc was a "diver." Again, the evidence available showed Martinez to be nothing more than a whingeing boss who had just seen his side summarily swept aside by a Fabregas-inspired Arsenal. He has, no doubt, moved a step closer to the inevitable sacking that will come his way. The latest to have a go at Fabregas with fabricated nonsense is David Moyes who, having seen his team beaten by Arsenal (I think we can see a pattern emerging here) chose to talk about Fabregas' alleged behaviour rather than his own team's shortcomings. Make no mistake, Moyes has moved a step closer to the inevitable sacking that will be coming his way too.
The most annoying thing about all this, though, is not the way the manager's of the opposition have singled out Fabregas as some kind of serial villain (no doubt putting referee's on red alert to deal with the trouble-making Spaniard), but that the very worst of the xenophobic English press has come rushing to the top. We see Wayne Rooney and John Terry and Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard chasing and swearing at referee's every week, live on television. It is easy to lip-read the words being used by these English players. We see the very same players (Rooney and Gerrard in particular) actually diving week-in, week-out. Do we ever hear the press criticise them? Of course we don't.
Reading through the press of the past couple of days you would think Fabregas was not so much a supremely talented footballer whose presence enriches the English Premier League, but some sort of criminal, typical of the swarthy foreigners we encounter whenever the English leave their pleasant isle. Make no mistake about it, if Cesc Fabregas was English there would be no such furore. Talksport have, apparently (I never listen to it as I can't stand these cretins - I saw Mike Parry at the game on Tuesday, not realising just how fat he really is), been questioning Cesc's suitability as the Captain of Arsenal Football Club. What the hell has it to do with a radio station that would choose to employ people like Stan Collymore (what a paragon of virtue he is)?
It's utterly disgusting to see the reaction of the press to something that has no foundation. I would like to see Fabregas threaten legal action against Moyes and co for defamation of his character. They are alleging he did and said certain things, so let's see it played out in a court shall we? For anyone who hasn't already seen it I recommend you check out today's Arseblog at www.arseblog.com for his take on the whole thing.

It's not all bad news however. Football pitches are now a safer place for people with talent. The reason for this is that Gary Neville has retired. Of course, the press is full of the usual platitudes reserved for people like Neville. On this site, however, you will get nothing but honesty. Gary Neville is the most over-rated defender ever to play for England. Somehow he managed to con Alex Ferguson in to thinking he was a quality player for nearly twenty years. It sickens me that Lee Dixon won only 22 caps for England, while this ugly scumbag won 85 of them (not to mention his brother and Rob Jones who also kept Dicko out of the England side).
I was at Old Trafford on the day that our 49 game unbeaten run ended. Jose Antonio Reyes was the best player in the land at the time and Arsenal were dominating everyone. The behaviour of the Neville brothers that day will never be forgotten by anyone in the away end. Clearly under instruction from Ferguson they systematically kicked Reyes out of the game. If they had perpetrated such acts of assault outside Old Trafford that afternoon they would have been arrested and subject to football banning orders. Mike Riley, always in the pocket of Manchester United, was too weak to do anything about it and Reyes was never (and has never been) the same player again. The Neville's were responsible for the what became the end of a very promising career that day, yet are lauded as good English professionals.
Sadly I suspect we will be seeing the ugly little rat sooner rather than later. When Andy Gray was sacked it was thought that Neville could be in the frame to replace him at Sky. His retirement coming, as it has, just a week later concerns me greatly. It's bad enough having to sit through Redknapp talking his usual brand of crap every Sunday without my eardrums being assaulted by this whining little prat. If he is in the frame to replace Andy Gray then the person making the appointments at Sky obviously never saw ITV's coverage of the World Cup in 2002. Neville was a regular on their panel, but he's never been invited back - perhaps that should tell them something.
Gary Neville is scum. He was never even really liked by Manchester United fans, despite the fact that he really was Mr Man Utd. Good riddance to the nasty, ugly little scumbag. Not missed.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Haha...nice post mate. Cesc Fabregas has been wrongly criticized and I wish he could take a legal action. Wenger also hailed Neville as the best right back in the premier league era and England.