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Monday, 1 November 2010

A big signing for Arsenal, has Christmas really started already?

Jack - Arsene's biggest signing of 2010

It will be brief today as there is not a lot about. I've waited all day for something to happen, so thank God for Jack Wilshere - that's a phrase I now expect to be writing for a number of years to come.
Jack has signed a contract extension at Arsenal today. I was thinking about it last week, and considering that he was probably on a pittance compared to most Premier League players, not to mention his fellow Arsenal players. I was worried that Chelsea and Man City might be circling and offering his agent/family all sorts of riches to leave Arsenal. Thankfully Arsene and Ivan have been working away behind the scenes to secure his future at our Club. As usual Arsenal have not revealed any of the details of the contract, though why they choose to not tell us the length of the deal I will never know - the news always leaks out one way or another, so why not be up front about it? In short I'm delighted that Wilshere is on a long contract, no doubt being remunerated appropriately. Let's hope he is here to lead us to success over the years to come - with quality players like Jack Wilshere the future may yet be very promising indeed - even if we don't have Cesc Fabregas.
On another note, completely unconnected to football, I've got to mention Sky channel 372 - Bliss Music. At 6am today Bliss started to give us wall-to-wall Christmas music. Now I'm as partial to a bit of Wizzard, or Slade, as the next man. Even a bit of Cliff doesn't go amiss as the days count down to the birth of Our Lord. However, today is NOVEMBER 1ST! There are EIGHT weeks to Christmas! What the hell is a TV station doing by putting this music on already? Even worse (well, perhaps not worse) is that, at 2359hrs on 25th December, they will stop showing their Christmas music videos, despite the fact that the festival has actually only just started. Please, please wait until the start of December!
Sorry, but I had to get that rant off my chest. Back to the football tomorrow with any luck. If there is a blog tomorrow it will be fairly early as I am working in the afternoon/evening, but it depends on Arsenal giving us some team news ahead of Wednesday.
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