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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Some streamlining for Kroenke to do

Arsenal Ladies FC - does anybody care?

Apparently the new, re-launched, Women's Premier League (WPL to give it the snazzy, publicity attracting *cough* title) gets under way tomorrow. I really couldn't care a stuff. Apart from one thing - Arsenal are the top team. A cause for celebration, surely? Not in my book. Let's consider the fact that our football club is in big debt in order to pay off the stadium loans. Whatever might be said this has surely had an impact on our transfer money. So why the hell is money being spent on this glee-club, when there are far more important places for it to be spent?
Have you ever watched ladies football? The standard has improved, without a doubt, but I guarantee that a top Sunday League side would beat most of the ladies teams in the new league. The whole idea of Arsenal Ladies is merely a drain on the resources of the Club. A number of people are actually in full-time employment with the Club in the communities departments because of Arsenal Ladies FC. We even run an "academy" for God's sake. Each of the ladies teams are provided with kit and training gear etc. Now that they play in Europe we are, no doubt, funding that too. How can this be considered a good thing for Arsenal's business? Arsenal Ladies brings no money to Arsenal FC. If the Arsenal Ladies were disbanded tomorrow it would have no adverse effect whatsoever on Arsenal FC, bar a few insignificant headlines about the new League being abandoned by the big-boys (or should that be girls?)
You want to know the worst thing about Arsenal Ladies Football Club? When I went to the European Cup Final in Paris I found myself sat next to Faye White, who is/was the Captain of Arsenal Ladies. Faye, at least, is an Arsenal fan. Of more concern was the fact that the whole squad were sitting around us. Some of those present had been featured in the matchday programme during that last season at Highbury and had told how they were fans of Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea. Despite this these women had been given tickets for Arsenal's biggest ever game. I know lots of people who were unable to get tickets for that Final in 2006, even though they followed the Club all over the place, year on year. It makes me absolutely sick.
So I have this to say to Stan Kroenke: If you want to start streamlining Arsenal's business, and getting rid of waste and profligacy, make a start with this complete drain on time and money, and put the savings towards the REAL Arsenal team.


  1. What a complete and utter tit you are - go back to the stone age.

  2. Because I think ladies football is not a worthwhile use of Arsenal's meagre resources?

    Fuck off you complete tosser.

  3. You are the tit you new age soccer watching prick! Leon aka Tarquin get back to counting paperclips ball bag