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Monday, 4 April 2011

A quiet day

A pitcure of The Invincibles - just to cheer the mood

There really is very little Arsenal stuff about today. Personally I am still seething from Saturday. The cumulative effects of the past four weeks have left me with a simmering anger towards the Club.
I don't want to go over old ground, or to turn this site in to anything to do with protest movements, or anything like that. For that reason I am loathe to keep on about the Manager, or the nonsense he continues to come out with. Having said that I can't let go when he comes out with the kind of rubbish I've just read on SkyText. According to Arsene Wenger we were "too predictable" on Saturday. I can have no argument with that whatsoever. However, he goes on to say that this is "unusual" for Arsenal. Am I missing something? Have we been mixing things up on the pitch over the past few years? Is it that we're all not seeing it? I would contend that Arsenal's style is entirely predictable, and has been for the past four years. That is why we struggle so badly against a team which organises its defence properly against us. The most common criticism of Arsenal is that they have no "plan B." Also, if the Manager felt we were being predictable on Saturday, would it not be an idea to change things slightly? Move to a different formation? Bang a few high balls up to Chamakh and Bendtner? Maybe even shoot occasionally instead of trying to pass to someone else? You really couldn't make up this crap anymore.

I'll leave it there for today as it is only making me more angry. I'm off to see Peter Kay this evening so I'm hoping he can cheer me up!


  1. Peter Kay's a scumbag retard lowest common denominator buffoon. It's my comedy opinion

  2. I'm assuming you like your comedy a bit more high-brow, or perhaps alternative (i.e. not very funny).
    Whatever the case may be this is a football site - if you have no comment to make on The Arsenal then don't bother.