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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Terracing on the agenda

The North Bank, Highbury

The briefest of brief posts today, just to throw my weight behind the campaign for the return of standing areas. You can read all about the campaign here
As far as I am concerned there can be no justifiable argument against the introduction of "safe" standing areas. Nobody seriously advocates a return to the way things used to be when football supporters were caged in like animals (something Arsenal steadfastly refused to do, at the cost of being banned from hosting FA Cup semi-finals - and we all know how that ended up), and packed in like sardines. But surely it is time to look at doing things sensibly - more people able to get in, cheaper tickets etc. It works in Germany, so why not England?
It seems the government is willing to hear the case for standing at football. This is very welcome news and should be backed by fans everywhere (even Liverpool). Apart from the fact that like-minded people could gather in the same area, and get the proper atmosphere going inside the big grounds again, it would surely put an end to people getting an obscured view from the seats when people stand in front of them (a completely unnecessary thing to do at most grounds - particularly Arsenal).
Support the campaign and get a bit of the old ways back in to the football watching experience.

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