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Monday, 31 January 2011

Ramsey's loan folly, The Sun today, Harry in control at Spurs

Rambo - no need to be on loan

I mentioned in the blog last night that I felt Aaron Ramsey would surely be a better option than Denilson in midfield. Obviously the Welshman has been out of action at Arsenal for nearly a year and has been loaned to Cardiff City to get some match practice. Between now and the end of his loan he will get a maximum of five matches in the Championship (assuming the loan is then not further extended). After writing last night's piece I got to thinking about the cup games played by Arsenal in January. With two games against Leeds, two against Ipswich and one against Huddersfield we have played five games against sides from the Football League. There is no reason why Rambo couldn't have played in those matches, given that he has been sent out to play at that very level, but alongside inferior players at Cardiff than he would have played with at Arsenal. I wrote in January that I was concerned about the real motives for loaning Ramsey again and that, when Wenger starts talking about "match-fitness" being required it is a sign that he no longer fancies the player concerned. Abou Diaby had played twenty minutes of football in around four months until yesterday, but I haven't seen him getting loaned out to obtain some "match-fitness." I hope to be proved wrong and that Ramsey does come back and play for Arsenal, but until that time I remain concerned for his future at the Club.

I've read the match report from yesterday in today's Sun newspaper. It's written by someone called Antony Kastrinakis (I don't care if I may have spelt that wrong as, if he can write inaccurately, then so can I). According to this reporter the Arsenal penalty was very debatable. What? Why do these people write such nonsense when everyone who has actually bothered to watch the game (including the action replays) can see quite clearly that the defender knocks Bendtner over? Obviously it is indicative of the standard of "reporting" one would expect from The Sun, but that makes it no more acceptable. I just wish Arsenal would ban these people from their press-box as they don't deserve a place at our ground. Kastrinakis also publishes a table today of Arsenal's 14 penalties this season, and laments that Man Utd have been awarded "just 5." Clearly Arsenal are conning referees if they are managing to get more spot-kicks than the press' beloved Mancs.

I've just watched the usual deadline-day Sky interview with Harry Redknapp. As with every one of these interviews Harry told the reporter that there would be no arrivals or departures at Spurs. He then went on to say that he didn't know if the Chairman might be doing a deal or two that he knows nothing about. Does this mean that Redknapp doesn't say who comes and goes from his Tottenham squad? It certainly appears that way. He knew nothing about Van Der Vaart's transfer in September, and reckons he knows nothing about their bid for Sergio Aguero last night. What a way to run a football club. There may be major issues with Arsenal's transfer policy but at least there is no doubt that the Manager is the man making the decisions at our place.


  1. There may be major issues with Arsenal's transfer policy but at least there is no doubt that the Manager is the man making the decisions at our place.

    1/ So that obviously makes you so much better

    2/Even though he makes a lot of bad ones,thats ok aswell is it?

    3/ Now this maybe a bit much for you to understand but....Arry does'nt always tell the truth.You know in the same way as the fiddler does'nt always see things.

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  3. Harry did know about the VdV bid.

    Levy called him and said he's become available, do you want him?

    Harry said Yes..

    Not particularly complicated really.

  4. I love the fact that Tottenham fans feel the need to try and have a go on an Arsenal blog. What the hell are you reading an Arsenal site for you sad fools?

    As for references to "the fiddler" - grow up you thick, ignorant clown. If you want to have a sensible football discussion then fine, but in the meantime get back to your swamp.

  5. True comments over Ramsay, although I think it's probably because Wenger admitted that he didn't handle Eduardo's injury properly and didn't want to make the same mistake twice, especially with one of our best youngsters.

    As for Spurs, well Harry did give the go ahead for the VDV transfer. I actually laughed when I heard the amount of money being offered for those strikers. I hope they get one tbh. It's just typical Harry isn't it? He bankrupts every club he manages and now Spurs are next. What's gonna happen when there's no CL football next season spurs fans? Now that Bale and all those other "cough_stars" have tasted it? Will they be content with Europa? I think not.

  6. The Eduardo injury has certainly influenced the way Arsenal deal with the comeback of long-term absentees. I just look at his use of the "match-fit" business in the past - Lauren, Stephen Hughes...
    I bet TV5 doesn't have to get match-fit!